Hangzhou Dioran Silk Creative Co., Ltd.
DIORAN Silk was founded in 1994 and is located in Hangzhou, one of the "Birthplaces of Oriental Civilization". Hangzhou Hualian Textile Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Minni Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou DIORAN Fashion Design Co., Ltd. have been established successively. The brand has realized the entire industrial chain of "from fabric research and development, printing and dyeing and weaving, design and production, to sales of finished products".
The company is located in Hangzhou Yuhang Economic Development Zone, with a construction area of more than 30,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of more than 5 million meters of silk fabrics. It ranks in the forefront of the same industry in China. Among them, digital printed silk fabrics are mainly supplied to foreign luxury brands. DIORAN, as a Chinese-made brand, combines traditional Chinese cultural elements with international cutting-edge design concepts. It is carefully crafted by master craftsmen to create silk products that not only highlight the charm of fashion, but also highlight the quality of life. It has launched home clothes and silk scarves. , Bedding, silk gift sets and other product categories.
In 2020, the company broke the tradition and launched the "high-end silk gift" concept. Since then, DIORAN has completed a comprehensive brand upgrade.
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