Hangzhou Dioran Silk Creative Co., Ltd.

Career Opportunities

Pattern designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the company's requirements and theme positioning, develop a series of silk scarf patterns accordingly, and be responsible for the design and development of patterns in each quarter;

2. Analyze the trend of the brand, collect trend information of patterns and patterns, and provide reports on the trend of fashion patterns and patterns;

3. Early product creative theme proposal, complete corresponding pattern design and popular color matching according to the product theme and style of each season;

4. According to the brand style, in accordance with the theme, specification, color, etc. of the product of each issue, carry out pattern design planning;

5. Sample production and process research, communication graphics, pattern proofing;

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Home Textile Designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Complete the collection of product style data according to the new product style;

2. Organize into a series and summarize the design direction, triggering design inspiration;

3. Complete your own product style design within the planned time and draw process drawings;

4. Send out process drawings for proofing of finished products, and ensure the feasibility of the bulk process;

5. Develop matching derivative household products based on the listed kit products;

6. Proofing and tracking the finished sample product;

7. Complete the work tasks issued by the outsourcing department on time and according to the amount.

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Packaging designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the company's packaging design and production affairs, such as: product packaging boxes, plane renderings, etc.;

2. Responsible for the graphic design and production of the company's brand advertisements, such as outdoor advertisements, wall advertisements, and anti-aircraft artillery advertisements;

3. Responsible for the design and production of materials for the company's brand promotions;

4. Responsible for the design and production of the company's brand investment materials, such as: investment brochures, investment posters, etc.;

5. Responsible for the design and production of materials for the company's internal activities, such as the company's annual meeting, employee training, outdoor activities, etc.;

6. Responsible for the photography work of all company activities;

7. Responsible for the design and production of business cards for all personnel in the company;

8. Responsible for all accounting transactions of the advertising material company;

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Jacquard designer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Cooperate or lead the pattern designer to complete the organization and design of jacquard fabrics;

2. According to the characteristics and requirements of the pattern design, can skillfully configure the corresponding style of organization technology to ensure the overall style effect of the fabric after production;

3. According to business needs, simulate the organization design draft into a sample, and formulate the corresponding process sheet.

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Director of Sales

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in the formulation of the company's marketing strategy according to the work arrangement of the general manager. Formulate the company's marketing mix strategy and marketing plan according to the marketing strategy, and organize the implementation after approval;

2. Responsible for the overall and on-site command of major public relations and promotional activities;

3. Regularly check and analyze the marketing environment, goals, plans, and business activities, adjust marketing strategies and plans in a timely manner, formulate preventive and corrective measures, and ensure the completion of marketing goals and marketing plans;

4. Formulate the market price of the company's new products according to the market and industry conditions, and implement it after approval;

5. Responsible for the negotiation and signing of major marketing contracts;

6. Preside over the formulation and revision of the working procedures and rules and regulations of the marketing system supervisor, and implement them after approval;

7. Formulate the annual professional training plan for the marketing system and assist the training department in its implementation;

8. Assist the general manager to establish and adjust the company's marketing organization, establish, expand, and adjust the marketing network of market segments;

9. Responsible for decomposing and issuing the annual work objectives and marketing budgets, compiling the analysis of the economic benefits and losses of the department, and adjusting and effectively controlling in time according to the actual situation of the market and the company;

10. Visit key customers regularly and irregularly to understand and deal with problems in a timely manner;

11. Analyze and reasonably formulate the organizational structure of the department. Assess the work efficiency of subordinate departments and inspect the work status of subordinate departments;

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market expansion

Job Responsibilities:

1. College degree or above, more than 3 years of working experience in the investment promotion department, marketing department, purchasing department, and public relations department (preferential consideration);

2. Familiar with Hangzhou commodity office circle, gift group buying industry, scenic tourism industry, real estate agency, hotel industry with four stars and above (preferred);

3. Required knowledge: master marketing and corporate image planning knowledge; understand common practices in market public relations, and be familiar with marketing;

4. Good at communication and coordination, strong negotiation skills, proficient in using office software;

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Senior copywriting planning

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the company in the design and writing of various publicity planning plans;

2. Responsible for the writing of promotional copy and promotional material copy;

3. Cooperate with graphic design to complete the company's internal manual;

4. Actively complete the planning and implementation of the company's project promotion;

5. Soft writing and planning of the company's internal manual;

6. Write project promotion articles to achieve the purpose of promoting the company's brand;

7. Responsible for the collection and sorting of media soft articles and advertising materials;

8. Participate in the company's product positioning and program demonstration, and propose decision-making basis from the perspective of marketing and promotion;

9. Responsible for the organization, coordination and docking of external resources such as the media, and establish good media relations;

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