Hangzhou Dioran Silk Creative Co., Ltd.
Silk technology innovation is promising! Chen Dapeng, President of China Fashion Association, and his party walked into Dioran!

Silk is China's oldest cultural treasure. In the process of integration with technological innovation and cultural development, it is showing unprecedented fashion charm.

On January 14, Chen Dapeng, President of the China Garment Association, and his entourage conducted a survey on textile technology innovation in Dioranran Silk. Chen Xialin, member of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Yuhang District Committee and Deputy District Mayor, Li Minhua, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Hangzhou Yuhang District People's Congress, and Zheng Nianhua, Chairman of Hangzhou Yishang Town Operation Development Company, accompanied the investigation.

Real view of Silk Exhibition Hall of Dioran Headquarters

The innovative craftsmanship of Dioranran silk lies in this gorgeous and exquisite silk creative product.

Accompanied by Yang Jianhong, Chairman of Dioranran Silk, Chairman Chen and his entourage Double-sided digital positioning jacquard fine printing Silk scarves and novel silk cultural and creative products visited the silk exhibition hall of Diran Headquarters. Chairman Chen fully affirmed Diran Silk’s innovation and development spirit in the textile field for decades and said: “As a foundation The essence of the consumer industry and the clothing industry is to provide consumers with the best products and services. Companies should emphasize manufacturing, pay attention to product upgrades, and give full play to the backbone and supporting role of creative manufacturing.

The innovative use of Chinese fine clothing culture in contemporary times, High-tech positioning jacquard fine printing Explore very representative! "

On-site display of high-tech positioning fine printed silk scarves

"Traditional silk textile manufacturing needs to be upgraded to new manufacturing. We will be consumer-centric, driven by technology, and quickly build a new industrial ecology." Yang Jianhong, Chairman of Dioran, reported to Chairman Chen and his party in detail Dioran over the past few years. In-depth exploration of the results of technological transformation and further prospects for future development.

Dioranran Silk will uphold the spirit of pragmatic innovation, pioneering and enterprising. Under the new situation in 2021, it will actively respond, steadily and steadily, and unswervingly build its core competitiveness with technological innovation. Accelerate the response to transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the quality of enterprises, and lead China's silk industry to a new stage of high-quality development