Hangzhou Dioran Silk Creative Co., Ltd.
Show off oriental beauty | Butterfly Ran 2018 spring and summer silk women's styles and fabrics release show, the charm is about to open!


It integrates the trinity of fabric research and development, pattern design and style development.

Spend tens of millions of dollars to create thousands of treasures!

500 designs and colors single product sharing authorization,

Exclusive authorization for 500 color combinations!

With "silk" as the company, create wonderful,

Each one has a unique charm,

For you who came from afar,

Bring a new visual experience and inspiration.

Dioran, new products continue and sublimate the aesthetic experience of silk,

Show "Oriental elegance" to the fullest.

"Weaving is the autumn geese traveling outside the cloud, and dyed for the spring water color of the south of the Yangtze River."

Silk, in the stretch of time, is full of tenderness,

In fast-paced fashion, enjoy a leisurely self-sacrifice,

In an elegant time, the charm of an oriental woman is shown!


Fate and timing,

A fashion feast is also an opportunity for wealth.

On November 9, Dioran, waiting for your arrival.

Hand in hand with Dioran, create a wonderful together!


Time: November 9, 2017, check-in at 5 pm, start at 7 pm, buffet dinner is provided.

Registration time: October 9th-October 20th, 2017

Entry method: present the payment voucher to get the admission pass at the sign-in office

Address: Hangzhou Minni Digital Technology Co., Ltd. F4 (No. 29, Huaning Road, Economic Development Zone, Yuhang District, Hangzhou)